Jennifer Lingvai

Austin, TX

For the past two years Yoshiko has been a steady guide and teacher on my path to a balanced life. I have an old injury that flares when life is not balanced and with her kindness and expertise I’ve come to understand how to keep balanced even with a high stress corporate sales job—a pain free life is possible and Yoshiko is an excellent healer. You do have to commit to the process and do your homework but the results are more than worth it!

Jim Lingvai

Dripping Spring, TX

I am 72 years old male and want to make the following testimonial for Yoshiko. In 2016 and 2017 I was suffering from pain in the upper neck and lower back to the extent that I was scheduled for multiple surgeries. The pain was so intense I was not sleeping and or enjoying life. At my family’s urging I sought the advice of a regarded neurosurgeon who recommend I see Yoshiko before subjecting myself to any surgeries. I did seek her help and over a period of 18 months she was able to reduce the pain in my hands, neck, and back to an insignificant amount all without any surgery. I am once again able to enjoy traveling and my hobbies with ease.

Jason W.

Austin, TX

Yoshiko is a wonderfully skilled practicioner Ayerveda who is also one of the finest people I have met. She helped to cure the migraines I have had for 35+ years, something no one in Western medicine came close to doing.

Jenica Renay

Austin, TX

Learning Ayurveda and receiving Marma Therapy from Yoshiko has improved my life choices and my health immeasurably during the past 18 months. She has guided and educated me step by step, making the learning and dietary changes easy and fun to apply. My body shed excess weight naturally as I incorporated the ayurvedic way of eating for my body type as determined by Yoshiko. I am especially enjoying how satisfied I feel physical after every meal, and I am not craving snacks in-between meals. I also feel significant healing mentally, emotionally and spiritually through Marma with Yoshiko. I highly recommend her kind, encouraging manner as a practitioner. Many thanks, Yoshiko!!

Jon Hernandez

Bastrop, TX

I am a 62 year old male with extensive medical history that includes, hypertension, coronary artery disease and hyperlipidemia. I have had two coronary infarcts, I have had 12 or 13 stents placed in my arteries for blockages; lastly I suffered a cerebrovascular accident in late 2017. Due to my history of medical issues and never seeing any improvement in my health, I became disillusioned with western medicine and in spite of being prescribed over 13 monthly medications and seeing my medical practitioner monthly, my health never improved. After suffering the CVA in late 2017,(In early 2018), I sought treatment with Ms. Yoshiko Monson and I am here to report, my health has improved greatly, the aphasia I had from my CVA has completely corrected, my weight decreased from 260 pounds to my present weight of 219. Ms. Monson has helped me extensively in helping balance my body systems and reduce my weight. My lipid panel profiles today indicate my cholesterol is at its lowest levels in years. Also, my blood pressure is now consistently 120/80 for the past year. Also, I have had no other coronary or cerebrovascular issues since beginning treatment with her. She has used different regimens which includes, oil therapy on my body and different oils on my head. She has prescribed several Indian herbs which I take on a daily basis. Her constant diligence to my well-being has been a blessing from the Creator in heaven and I cannot say enough how blessed I feel having her as my Ayurvedic practitioner.

Laura Tyler 

Austin, TX

Yoshiko has given my family the tools we need to heal in natural ways and to understand how our body's harmony is so important. She helped my youngest son with his extreme constipation and several fungus infections after doctors were not able to help at all. We still have alot of learning and healing to do, but the knowledge we have gained will continue to benefit us for a lifetime! 

Beverly Lingvai 

Dripping Spring, TX

Yoshiko is a kind and caring Ayurvedic practitioner who goes above and beyond to help you in your search for a pain free and balanced life. She helped me deal with shoulder pain a year ago and we are working now on my lower back. She has also guided me in loosing weight.  

 Patti Holly 

Muldoon, TX 

I have been seeing Yoshiko for almost a year now. I am the healthiest and most content than I’ve been in many years. She has taught me so much about healthy eating and living and learning to listen to my body.  I feel now that I make good choices about my health because of Yoshiko. 

Brenda Helmka     

Georgetown, TX 

I was desperate for help with my neck almost 2 years ago. My physical therapist was so worried about me that she took me to a neurosurgeon. The neurosurgeon was baffled by my neck pain after reading the MRI.  He said he would not do surgery but he could recommend someone who would "fix my neck" with Ayurveda medicine.  I had no idea what that was but in desperation I went to Yoshiko Monson in level 9-10 constant pain and the inability to turn my head.  After one visit my pain level was at 0.  I have continued with Yoshiko on a regular basis for 2 years and now maintain a pain-free life for the first time in over 30 years.  This miracle, after being hit in the face with a kickball, surgery on rotator cuff and TMJ and a full set of braces to realign my jaw, has been the greatest health blessing of my life. I have recommended Yoshiko to many friends including one who is now free of pancreatic cancer.   I am grateful to Yoshiko for giving my life back to me.    

David Swanson 

Austin, TX  


My wife has been going to Yoshiko for some time and has received amazing results with her health. As a result I decided to go to her because I wanted to improve my health and well being. I'm 70 years old and want to improve how I feel, and haven't been able to do that on my own. With Yoshiko's help over the past 6 months, my health has improved. I've lost weight, lowered my blood pressure, increased my energy level and I sleep better. This is all a result of Yoshiko's guidance and inspiration. The dietary changes have been moderate and easy to do. This, coupled with her Marma treatments, are the reasons I plan on continuing my treatments with Yoshiko. I wholeheartedly recommend her services based on my personal experience, and encourage others to make an appointment with Yoshiko. 

Chris. D 

Austin, TX 

Over the past 3 years of being in Yoshiko's care, I have come to gain a deep respect for her.  She is an extremely authentic and honest person.  She is smart, humble, funny and creative.  Yoshiko operates from a very sincere place of caring that is backed up by her tremendous knowledge in the field of Ayurveda. 
I first went to Yoshiko because I was challenged with chronic fatigue, insomnia, anxiety and other hard to diagnose health issues for at least 25 years.  It was also extremely difficult for me to relax and find any kind of peace and stillness within.  Since I have been seeing Yoshiko, I have experienced a profound shift in my body and mind.  I now feel very grounded and my health, including insomnia and anxiety, have improved tremendously.  I also feel a deep strength building in my body and mind.   
Yoshiko is a gifted Ayurvedic practitioner and I feel so blessed to have found her.    

Christy Hord 

Austin, TX 

In the western world we get accustomed to our ways of everything. We often find it hard to be open minded or believe things we don’t understand. I have been seeing Yoshiko at Absolute-Balance since October 2018. I still don’t understand everything I am doing. I’m simply having an open mind and trying a different way. I was down to my last option which was weight loss surgery with Western medicine. I’ve been over weight most of my life. But had reached a point of unhealthiness. I really had tried everything. And my doctor is great but had reached the conclusion that for my health weight loss surgery was my only option.  

A friend told me about Yoshiko. They couldn’t explain much but their father had been seeing her and was having great success in his all around health. I decided to call her.  By trusting her and following her instruction in two months I lost 20 pounds. My all around health improved so significantly that my doctor took weight loss surgery off the table. All my labs improved more than she had seen in me in three years. She told me to keep doing what I was doing and come back in six months. I have not been following instructions well since the holidays. Therefore no more weight loss. But have not gained any and am getting back on track. I lost 2 pounds just last week. I feel so much better when I’m following her plan. More energy, not in pain, all around feel better.  

 The very best part is that not one single time has Yoshiko said to me “you need to do better”. Or. “Why aren’t you doing what I said”. She is constant encouragement and reminder that as long as I’m trying I cannot fail.  

 I would recommend Yoshiko and Absolute-balance to anyone seeking to have whole body wellness. 

Nicki Tyler

Austin, TX

It is my pleasure to share the positive effect Yoshiko Munson has had on my life and my health.  In March of 2016 I was referred to her after being sick for six months, having had the flu and a bronchial infection, and my asthma was out of control and I had seen my doctor eight times over that period. I could not speak a single sentence without having to cough and had not been able to breathe thru my nose in many years.  Yoshiko started seeing me  and said she knew she could improve my health. With treatments, consultations, herbs and oils by July of 2016 my health was greatly improved, my asthma had gotten much better and Yoshiko helped me establish a daily regimen that has given me a feeling of power over my own body. Fast forwarding to the present, I have been able to reduce asthma medications, I can breathe wholly and clearly and feel free for the first time in my life. I am now 68 and have so much energy, and a wonderfully positive outlook on my future.


Cedar Park, TX

Yoshiko’s initial evaluation was very thorough . She was able to make connections that were hidden in plain sight. Initially I was a skeptic but then one weekend I hurt my back again and followed her instructions to the T for 3 days, my back was much better in those 3 days. Making me into a believer.